Live @ Sala Apolo BCN Video: Cultural Dogs  

Obsidian ignis

My friends from Obsidian Kingdom remixed Ignis fatuus. This was the pitch-black result premiered by Mondosonoro. We´ll be sharing the beautiful stage of the Apolo in Barcelona next 16th of April. Check out the event here!. Photo edit by: Obsidian Kingdom  

Crossbows @ Spiritual Sessions (Camden-London) Tall tales will be the end of we. Tall heads on spikes, or full of blackbirds burst, and light the way a little further. Cold girls crouch down on the ventilation grills. Insect souls, with real pressing needs. Wasteland dawn fires, steel street lights light up your pride as a damp cigarette. Swallow me… Continue reading Crossbows @ Spiritual Sessions (Camden-London)

Boards & Gasoline (The key) @Sevijamming , May 2013. First of the two videos I recorded for the Sevijamming sessions, during the Painted Gold tour with House of trees. Cameras: Rafael Lorite, Adonis Macías, Ana Enterría, Carlos Rivero Producction and artistic direction: Oscar López de Ahumada Sound: Arturo Fuillerat Video editing: Adonis Macías Direction: Alonso Valbuena Project coordinator: Armando Marín