We´re back home!

This mini tour in Spain left quite a few epic moments behind, some of them were documented in several videos and pictures. Here´s a small sample.

Can’t wait to get back on the road.



Videos: Jorge Iván Delgado López @ Fun House, Madrid.

Pictures: Victor Gómez para Liquid Fire @ Sala Apolo, Barcelona




Go South!

Maud the Moth volvemos, en formato familiar, a la soleada Península que nos vio nacer (bueno, al menos a 2/3 de nosotros). Las citas son:
14 Abril: Madrid @ Nooirax 8 Aniversario – 8€ 21:00 + Arrrggh! & Astroabel
15 Abril: Valencia@ dELUXE pop club – 5€ 22:30
16 Abril: Barcelona @ Sala Apolo – 10€ 20:00 + Obsidian Kingdom

MADRID: http://entradium.com/es/entradas/nooirax-8-aniversario
VALENCIA: Anticipada no disponible.
BARCELONA: http://www.obsidiankingdom.com/tickets/


Lo mejor de 2015 – Nacional

¡The inner wastelands incluido entre los mejores discos nacionales de 2015, por la revista Mondo Sonoro!. Concretamente en la 32ava posición.

“Y si a la hora de rememorar lo que dio de sí la temporada en el apartado internacional señalábamos la relevancia de los discos facturados por mujeres, dentro de nuestras fronteras la tendencia es similar con La Bien Querida, Tulsa, Le Parody, Cora Novoa, Alondra Bentley y Maud The Moth firmando los mejores discos de sus respectivas carreras…”

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 14.55.40


Back on all digital platforms

[ENG] After a rather convoluted succession of events my second album “The inner wastelands” is back on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and any other e-platform of your choice. Thanks a lot to Nooirax Producciones for this!
[ESP] Tras una relativamente convolucionada sucesión de eventos, mi segundo disco “The inner wastelands” vuelve a estar disponible en Spotify, Itunes, Amazon y cualquier otra plataforma digital de vuestra elección. Gracias a Alex Nooirax por hacerlo posible!.

BBC Introducing

Yesterday my song Crossbows, included in The inner wastelands, was part of the last BBC introducing podcast, alongside other great tunes selected by Tom Robinson and his team. Click on happy Tom (below) to access the podcast.


In the picture: Tom Robinson enjoying my song . Well maybe he was enjoying someone else’s song when the picture was taken. We´ll never know I guess…

I´d like to credit the photographer for this picture ripped off from the BBC page, but I couldn´t find any credits, so here is the link to its origin.

Always credit photographers yo!

This is quite a thing so I spent a while looking in the mirror and congratulating myself feeling very proud. Then I realised that I still had a thesis to write and a tiny army of bacteria to fight, so I wrote some more music around the cosy radiator efficiently procrastinating from both.

I have been given a shiny glittery golden star (only that it is green and round) aka e-badge you can click on to access the BBC page and a little space at the BBC page featuring all the social media links and next upcoming gigs.

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music