DOA reviews (and loves) the inner wastelands

…”What The Inner Wastelands really is though, is a verging-on virtuoso piano album. Listening to it for the fifth or sixth time, it seemed that with each listen I was hearing less of the orchestration, less of the vocal, and more of Maud’s very accomplished and intricate keyboard style, to a point where the album began to sound like a 40 minute concerto with occasional interjections instead of the collection of songs that it actually is. Maud The Moth is probably aware that at least some of her audience are going to go away disappointed that The Inner Wastelands, with so many of its themes drawn from the natural world and its close to classical musicality, wasn’t a post-industrial noise fest, or a folksy campfire singalong, or that they couldn’t dance to it, but just as many of her listeners are going to find themselves a little dazzled by her inventive brilliance.”

March 31, 2015 by

Read the whole thing here:


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