Live at the Reid Concert Hall (Edinburgh)

Here it is! Our live EP at the Reid Concert Hall, which we recorded on the summer of 2016. Hope you enjoy it!.

Ya está aquí!. Nuestro EP en directo, grabado en el Reid Hall de Edimburgo durante el verano de 2016. Esperamos que os guste! 




Prospice – Falloch returns

Our collaboration with Ben Brown and Scott McLean has coallesced into Falloch’s new album!.

This album was unlike anything we had done before, both stylistically (if its even possible to use styles to define it) and regarding the production/recording methods. It was incredibly challenging AND satisfying to make and we are super proud of it.

Written by Ben, Mixed by Scott and mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy, If you are into megatextural, mindbending, and heptadimensional music make sure to check it out!


The bedroom sessions #2

In 1916 the Maud sailed away from the shores of Asker and headed for Alaska through the Northeast Passage. The trip took more than six years to complete, with the Maud cutting through the ice deeper and reaching for the North pole closer than other vessels before her. Her only official aim was to collect scientific data, much of which was later lost.
The trip, where the ship was frozen three times into the ice cap and which made Amundsen bankrupt transformed him and the crew, many of which abandoned the quest before it was completed, both physically and mentally .

There was no glory, no gain, and no pride left. But this trip illustrated the bedrock upon which humanity is built, the body of the iceberg under the tip of success and fame.